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LEEVAQ providing women’s clothing in all over india. It aims at providing the best quality product at the most valuable prices to our customers.

LEEVAQ stores are available in many cities in india which is increasing continuously. LEEVAQ STORE is a one – stop – destination for every women to buy daily casual wear that has been creatively designed and diligently Knit for today’ stylish, Global citizen.

The brand Matched the need of every women and compliments her journey.We involve sustainable fashion at affordable pricing.




It all started with deciding to give back to artisan community and bringing a line of affordable clothing to the fore.

Many stores in the market of delhi, with no prior knowledge of running a business or what the roles take on ,They took the challenges head on.

What started as an idea has taken place inte the huge manifest with the appreciation and love received from our customers and Clients.Over the course of servitude to the fashion industry. 


Our thoughts behind this clothing line is simple and clear.

– Fashinable But Flattering


– Classy But Affordable


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